Frequently Asked Questions

What does deal and coupons means?

Deal are sales alert to help you find discount at your favorite stores / brands. Deal means a certain discount % on a product or set of similar or different products grouped altogether. Let us take an example; a brand selling clothes can create a set of clothes and cufflinks altogether and offer certain % if you buy that set of item created by the brand itself as a group, instead of buying separate shirts and cufflinks.

Coupon are electronic code items submitted on a site at the time of purchase. Codes offer various value discounts. Some offer free shipping. Some offer certain % savings. Some offers certain $ wave off if you spent a certain amount of money shopping from their store. You can find best coupon codes for 1000+ stores at

Are the coupon codes original?

All our coupon codes are original and posted by human beings who feel pride in helping others by providing them with the latest discount deals. We sort the best discount deals for you so that you can enjoy hassle free online shopping and save money. Search for best deals and electronic coupons available on the site for the top brands worldwide.

How do I look for the relevant coupon codes?

Go to Our home page includes search bar on the top (highlighted in red) where you can search your favorite brand. All the coupons related to that brand will be displayed right in front of you along with their expiry dates. You can select the one relevant to your need.

Our front page includes a featured category section (highlighted in blue) where you can select the most relevant category you are looking to shop for. Select that category and all the top stores selling item of your need will be displayed on your screen. You can select the one you like by comparing same items of different brands in terms of their specification and price.

What are the charges to join

Good news! There are no charges for you to visit our site. You can search the coupons you are looking for without incurring any charges. It is completely free and you can access it anytime you want because we care for you.

How exactly work?

At we look for coupon codes, discounts, deals, sale alerts and free shipping deals for 1000+ brands worldwide and put them all in place for your easy access. Looking for coupons is a very time consuming activity since you have to search internet every time you shop. Our site has more than 1000+ stores at one place where you can look for your favorite brands and search the top deals they have to offer for you today.

How can I keep myself updated about the new products brands have to offer?

You can visit our blog at this link where we constantly update articles for you. Here we will constantly keep you updated about the new products brands have to offer. Also the updated technologies and variations in items made for everyday use. We will keep you posted about the new lifestyle and clothing trends. You can read our articles, share your opinion, ask us about any product you want and tell us what more information you want about a particular item or brand. Below is the screenshot of some of our articles.

How can I redeem the promo codes?

  • Go to the site and search for a particular brand in our search bar on top of homepage.
  • All the coupons offered by that particular brand along with their expiry dates will be displayed right in front of you.
  • Select the relevant coupon and a link will open leading you to the brand website where you can shop.
  • Copy the code and paste it in apply code box on the merchant website and complete your shopping. Place your order by filling out form and checking out.
  • Enjoy discount on your shopping cart.

How can I keep myself updated about new deals posted daily?

We have an email subscription option for you where you can enter your email and subscribe for our newsletter. Click on the option shown downside our home page named “Newsletter” as shown in the screenshot below. Write your email in the box and click subscribe. You will be notified by email when new coupons get updated on our website.

Where can I find store’s updated terms and conditions document?

Our store Terms and condition document is completely available at this link. Click the link below and get access to our updated terms and conditions document.