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Trendy Evening outfits for women of all ages


Choosing the right outfit for an evening event is a task in itself. A combination of elegant jewellery, classy purse, tailoring dresses and separates are required by women to look classy and elegant. Whether you are looking for classy party wear or a small gathering at home we have sorted some of the best styles that women of all ages can wear comfortably. You can go for dresses of your choice that flaunt your style and you can ensure all eyes are set on you. 

Tailored Blazers:
Blazers make women look sexy yet elegant at the same time. Blazer is a wardrobe must style for women. A blazer will look cool on your body and give it a shape even if you wear it with a simple T-shirt. Blazers are super trendy wear for casual as well as a party event. Go for the one that is just comfortable but not oversized. Reiss is one great place to buy tailored blazers. If you are looking for something classy yet stylish go for Reiss tailored blazer in white. It will flaunt your cuts and make you look comfortable and elegant all the time. 

Slim fit Blazers: 
If you have maintained a fit body go for slim fit blazers. They will make you look thin and tall. Slim fit blazers flaunt your look and will be the best suit type for your body. If you are a capsule body type these blazers will suit you the most. If you are looking for slim fit blazers go for Reiss slim fit tailored blazers. They have a single button at the front that fastens up well. Fabric is stretchable that maintain the shape of the garment. These blazers are made up of wool blended fabrication hence they are comfortable to wear as well. 

Cashmere Jumper:
An oversized jumper can be worn as a dress equally. They are wardrobe essentials all year round. You can refresh your wardrobe collection and add some knitwear to your old collection. Wear a loose jumper collection with sneakers and long earrings. A black jumper collection is a winter must-haves. Go for the cashmere jumper with a trendy neckline that shows some skin. If you are looking for a perfect Cashmere jumper go for button detail cashmere blend jumper by Reiss. This cream coloured jumper is made of up soft material perfect for your skin. For a weekend look wear it with jeans and trainers.


Cashmere Scarf:
A woollen scarf adds style to every outfit women wear. The scarf gives shine to your evening dresses. Adding a colourful yet elegant piece of a scarf to your outfit will make you stand out in any event. Add an oversized scarf to your accessories collection this season. Made up of woollen material and finished with fringing at the end this scarf can be easily wrapped around the neck for a classy look. If you are looking for soft coloured oversized scarf try wool-cashmere blend oversized scarf by Reiss. This scarf will go well with a slim fit coat or a slim fit blazer. 

Knitted tops: 
Knitted tops with asymmetric necklines go well for any event. A body con fit dress that is mid-length and bright will flaunt your look.  Figure flattering cuts are best to go for like an evening dress. Made up of cotton with a touch of wool goes well all year round. For a night out knitwear goes well with jeans. For a classy evening, look go for chic knitwear along with classy jewellery and casual jeans. Knitted tops like wrap dress go well with a midi skirt as occasional wear. If you are looking for the best evening wear that is comfortable to wear yet stylish go for velvet midi dress by Reiss. Berry colour of this dress makes it perfect for a classy evening. 
If you are a woman who loves black go for V neck knitted blacktop by Reiss. This dress will go well with black high heeled shoes and a black clutch for a perfect evening event. This dress has a v neck shape that will give style to your body shape. You can wear them with tight trousers and elegant jewellery for a classy look. Semi-Sheer Sleeves of this dress adds glamour to it. 
Jumpsuits are comfortable to wear with style. They come in a wide variety of style from casual to formal. Choose the one according to your need. If you want to look sexy and modern go for flaunting jumpsuits. All you have to do is to define your waistline first and then buy any jumpsuits otherwise it will look like you are wearing a garbage bag. Jumpsuits can be worn by everybody including women with rounder or heavier body. If you have a heavier body go for solid colour jumpsuits and they will make you look slim. If you have wide hips for boat neckline jumpsuit. Jumpsuits with a defined waistline, long baggy sleeves and long legs will flaunt your style. If you are looking for wardrobe classic style go for Drape detail jumpsuit as it is perfect for any evening event. 
If you are looking for the jumpsuits that will drape the body beautifully go for tuxedo front jumpsuit by Reiss. Its cut will make you look slim and tall. This sleeveless jumpsuit will be a perfect dress for your next evening get-together. It has a flattering neckline that will make your hips appear in shape. This V neckline jumpsuit will make your neck appear longer. Do not combine this jumpsuit with heavy jewellery. 
Ladies Jacket:
Jacket are wardrobe essentials for women of all ages. Made up of quality leather or wool, they will keep you warm with style. Jackets define the waistline of women as they end at the waist. It gives style to women’s overall outfit. Denim jackets flatter body shape if worn on a cropped shirt and high waisted jeans. Channel your inner daredevil with pale blue Reiss linen Jacket. This soft blue linen jacket will give you a casual yet edgy style.  Wear it with denim and sneakers, it will rock your feminine look. It will even go well in steamy weather. Made up of lightweight fabrication this piece can go well all year round. Click here to shop with discount codes

Woollen blend overcoats are best to flaunt your style. With a contrast collar and big button on both the sides, gives chic look to the person wearing it. It comes with two-button columns, one is functional ones and the others are just for style. These pieces are winter must-haves and come in all material including Vinyl, snakeskin, wool, leather and Furfur. Go for gorgeous overcoats that are eye-catching. If you are looking for a contrast collar professional overcoat go for Contrast collar overcoat neutral by Reiss. This coat is best for a cosy timeless look. 
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