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Set goals in your life

Have you ever imagined achieving something big in your life but are not sure of how to achieve it? How to get your task done or how to reach the point you want to reach depends on how well you set your goals. Setting goals in life is very important as they help you achieve whatever you have dreamed to achieve in your life.

Importance of goal setting:
Goal setting is very important for every individual of all ages. A goal helps to keep one focused. It clears the confusion about what you want to achieve and clear intentions. People who have set goals are focused and are aware of top priorities. They always avoid procrastination and stay motivated.

People who set goals in their life do not waste time and energy on less important tasks. If you set goals for your life with a proper plan in place you can easily achieve anything in your life. All you have to do is to focus on what you are doing and stay determined.

Smart Goals:
Smart Goals are a method by which you create goals that are likely to be achievable. Creating goals along with a proper plan to achieve them in time-bound conditions to help you live the life of your dream. The main five principles on how to set your goals are as follows.

1.    Clarity: Goals should be created with clarity. Before you set a goal keep in mind what you want to achieve. The goals you are creating now must match with your desired achievement. Ask yourself if the goal is worth putting your time in. If you are not willing to put your time or effort into a goal it is not worth creating. 

2.    Specific: The goals that you create must be specific. They must be well defined. Ask yourself who will be involved in achieving this goal? Write in detail what you are going to achieve. Set a time frame for your goal as well.       

3.    Measurable: Your goals must be measurable. Create milestones in order to achieve your goal. Break it into chunks by considering specific tasks to accomplish faster. Measurement methods can be quantitative (such as money saved, productivity results) or qualitative (such as surveys or data collected).

4.    Achievable: Focus on how important the goal is and what you need in order to achieve it. Figure out what new skills you need to achieve your goals. Create your goals in chunks so that they are achievable. Consider what you should do in order to attain your goal.

5.    Time-Bound: If you create goals that are not time-bound it is likely that goals will not be achieved. Create deadlines for your goals and stick to them till the end. Ask yourself what will I do once I achieve this particular goal. Reward yourself once you achieve your goal within the specified time.

Goal Tracking apps:
Technology has made our life very easy. Now we can even create and track our goals using certain applications and software. They give a structured platform to track the goals and accomplish what is remaining in a faster way. Some of the best apps are ClickUp, Targets, Goal Folders, Weekly Scorecards, and Dashboards. 


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