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5 Best Time Management Apps For College Students


Time management plays a very important role in student life. Time management means delivering high quality work in less time, meeting the deadline for project submission and killing distractions that come your way. Student who learn how to manage their time effectively pass their university with flying colors. Students who learn how to manage their time effectively focus on their studies more and get good grades. 

Success of a student depends on effective time management. College life is always tough, lots of assignments to do meeting deadlines for the project. Students face trouble managing their time and end up getting depressed and screwed. Effective time management directs student mind in the direction of discipline and teaches them to deliver tasks assigned to them within the given time frame.  Time management also helps student learn responsibility and how to deliver tasks on time with responsibility.

As a student “Time management” will help you to use your time productively and efficiently and plan your future ahead. You can allot you time to achieve your dreams. Whatever you have dreamed about your future spend your time working for it today onwards. Kill procrastination through effective time management and prioritize tasks to deliver on time. 

If you manage your time effectively you can easily take out some time for yourself. You can take time to relax yourself as well as do other activities of interest and space out some time for your personal development. Keeping in view benefits of proper time management, I have researched and gathered some best apps for you to help you save your time. You can try these apps and save your time. 

Focus Booster:

Focus booster is the best time management app for college students. It tracks time for your project and tells you in chunks how much time you spent working for a particular project. Focus booster is an easy way for you to track time you spent on your homework, preparing projects, research, or study. 

Focus booster helps you kill procrastination by giving you a report on how much time you spend on a particular activity. It helps you focus on tasks in hand and achieve more in less time available. It helps you devote more time working toward your goals and stop the tasks that kills more time. Time sheets are created automatically for you to track your progress.  

Focus booster is available in different formats such as online, windows version, Mac or mobile app format. 

myHomework Student Planner:

Become better student with the help of best time tracking app myhomework student planer that will help you track your homework and assignments and meet required deadline. Get organized with the help of easy to use app that is compatible with all format and devices. 21st century is all about innovation and technology. Using the latest technology available you can now be more productive and organized.
myHomework Student Planner tracks your assignment project and tests and you can access your class and your projects anytime anywhere. It also informs you about your due dates and reminders so that you can complete your tasks on time. 

myHomework Student Planner is created keeping in mind that right approach to time management will raise level of student’s performance. It is the most preferred solution for student and teachers across the globe. Best quality of myHomework Student Planner is that you can sync it with other devices as well.
This app is available for Windows, Mac, Kindle app, Google app store and other devices and formats. It will cost you very less. The basic version is free that comes with add. Premium version will cost you only 5 bucks per year and is add free. It main features are digital planer and hall pass system that help student access through improved organization, communication and motivation.
Remember the Milk:

Remember the milk is the smart to-do app for busy people. You don’t have to remember your to- do list in your head. You do not have to remember anything now you will never forget anything and get reminded by email, text, IM and  twitter. This app is available for Windows, Mac, Kindle app, Google app store and other devices and formats.

You can make your list as colorful as you want. Organize your time using this app by working more towards your target with free mind instead of keeping things in your head. Break your main tasks into subtask and record them in Remember the Milk app. Devote your time completing these tasks instead of remembering them and failing to meet deadlines. 


It is the best anti- procrastinating app present in market. Kill your procrastination using this app. This app won an Apple design award due to the services it provide. It helps you differentiate certain tasks into short term long term or mark them as urgent one. Based on your prioritization this app will remind you to complete your tasks on the set deadline. This app is available for Windows, Mac, Kindle app, Google app store and other devices and formats.

Finish is available for free as well as premium with extra benefits such as time limits for a very small amount. It will show you the steps you need to complete a particular task. It helps them to stick to a specific time limit. It is a complete tool to help you break down larger projects and to complete things before deadline set. 


Evernote is the best free app for you to take notes anywhere. Be productive all the time by using Evernote. It is the best app to share ideas with others and to find information anywhere. Never fail to meet deadlines using this app, manage everything and plan your time accordingly using this app. 

Evernote is a single place for your notes, apps, projects, ideas, reminders and to-do list. Manage your projects from anywhere and keep track of most important tasks.  You can even collaborate with your team using this beautifully designed app. Meet project and client with this app easily. You can also add notes and pdf and share them easily with Evernote. 

Time management is a very important skill for student these days. If you learn how to manage your time, keep track of the time spent you can easily get good grades in college. Learn to save time and devote to achieve your dreams. People who learn to manage their time effectively easily succeed in their life and achieve whatever they want. They also get whatever they dream off in their life. 


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