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Best Protein Range For Body


Protein is the most important building block of human body. Watch your protein intake for the day if you want to gain lean muscle. There are many form of protein. You can get protein from dairy, plant and animal sources. Every human cell need protein to form structure and for its smooth function. Protein are made of long chain amino acid that seem like long chain of thread with complex structure around it.

Protein is essential for building muscle and maintaining bone density. Protein powders made up of all form of protein come in variety of composition. They are made up of plant protein such as Peas, soybean, potato, rice or hemp, or diary form such as milk and eggs. Powders used to gain mass contain more protein as compared to supplements used for weight loss. They increase mass muscle and are easy to take as shakes or other liquid form.

According to the latest medical research protein take longer to digest as compared to carbohydrates. People who consume more protein in breakfast time don’t get hungry for a longer period as compared to people who consume carbohydrates. Protein comes in a variety of supplement form mentioned below.


1. Whey Protein: 

Whey protein is a form of protein that is gained from milk. It is formed as a byproduct of Cheese. It consist of nine essential amino acid. Whey protein is used as shake during breakfast or as a part of small meal plan. They reduce weight and lower blood cholesterol level in man. It increase muscle as a part of strength training. It is used by bodybuilders to gain muscle during heavy weight lifting and exercises. 
Whey protein reduces appetite that is why it is used to help lose weight. It is used by obese people to lose weight. It reduces calorie intake for the next meal. It also helps to reduce inflation.

Whey protein is used to treat asthma in younger children. Protein helps improve stamina and taking whey protein shakes two times a day helps increase stamina level of kids. Whey protein reduces hypertension and blood cholesterol levels. People who have a high risk of cardiovascular disease get benefit drinking whey powder since it helps reduce hypertension. 

2. Casein Protein:

Casein is also made up of milk protein and is gathered as a byproduct of cheese making process. The remaining part after forming cheese is known as Casein that is separated and formed as a powder for protein use. Casein improves immune system as well as plays an important part in effective digestion. Casein help lower blood pressure and helps people with hypertension.



Casein takes longer time to digest as compared to Whey protein. It helps reduce weight easily since it decreases human appetite.  It causes mass growth and reduces fat consumption by the body. It comes in powder as well as curd form. You can get coupons to buy Casein custard at our store too.

3. Egg Protein:

Very common form of protein used by variety of Bodybuilders around the world. Egg whites is used by muscle builders that is eaten raw to gain muscle. Egg protein powders are made 100% from egg whites as compared to whole eggs. Egg protein powders can be used by people who suffer from dairy allergies.


Egg protein is the only form of highest protein powders so far. Eggs are high in protein and less in calories. Athletes who take egg protein gain lean muscle as compare to Athletes consuming carbs. If you eat two eggs during breakfast you will eat 470 less calories during lunch time hence helping you reduce fat and weight.

4. Hemp Protein:

Hemp protein is another major form of protein that is gained from plant based sources. Hemp protein contain very small form of physic active product known as THC. Hemp contain great amount of Omega 3 Fatty acids too. Hemp protein are more easily digestible as compared to plant based protein. They are also good source of fiber that aids in digestion of food.

Hemp protein powders contain other nutrients as well such as calcium, vitamins and trace amount of mineral. It also contain anti-oxidants that is good for health. It can be mixed with water or can be used as shakes. You can find Some good Hemp poder coupons on our site.

5. Mixed Plant Protein: 

Plant protein is a form of protein that is extracted from plants such as Chia seeds, flax seeds etc. Plant protein tend to stay in body as compared to animal protein. Protein shakes are made from powdered form of Chia, flex and hemp seeds. Cooked chickpeas and kidney beans are main form of plant based protein. Tofu is also major form of protein. People use tofu as meat substitute. It is a great substitute for calcium and protein.

Lentils is also used by vegan bodybuilders as a protein source because it also contain other elements such as iron and potassium. You can find coupon and deals for many forms of plant based protein on our website here.


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