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Effective Weight Loss Tips For Both Men And Women.

Effective Weight loss tips for both men and women.

Obesity is a complex disease that is causing serious problems for people all around the world. Obesity arises when men or women gain excess body weight and fat. It accumulates excessive fat in-person body. Obesity is determined by calculating the BMI index of an individual.

So what exactly is a BMI Index? BMI is a measurement of individual body fat based on health and weight. It is used to access a person weight according to age sex and height. It tells doctors if a person is underweight, overweight, maintain a healthy weight or is obese. BMI Chart for adults is as follows


Weight status

Below 18.5






30.0 and above



Other tests are also used to measure body fat on an individual. These tests can be taken in collaboration with BMI to evaluate results. Other tests are the waist-to-hip size (WHR), waist-to-height ratio (WtHR) and they determine fat distribution in the body.

Obesity affects individual health to a greater extent. It affects a person medical condition and a person starts suffering from various types of diseases mainly Cancer, Heart attack, Kidney damage, metabolic issues, Diabetes and high blood pressure. Consuming too many calories every day then been utilized, Foods that are high in fats, high fructose corn syrup and sugar, Fried and processed foods like meat and cheese and bakery items

So how can you maintain a healthy weight? Bodyweight of an individual is maintained by maintaining a   healthy lifestyle, consuming healthy food full of fibre and protein, and exercises on a daily basis. In case a person has several layers of fat stored in his body he will have to undergone surgery.

Some medications also increase the weight of an individual. Taking these medications increase the appetite of an individual leading to weight gain. Medications such as anti-physcicotics, hypoglycemic medications, and medications to treat arthritics, antidepressants and Mood stabilizers increases the weight of an individual. If you are facing weight gain issue you must ask your doctor for medications that do not have an impact on the weight of your body. 

Listed below are the tips that can help you reduce weight. Try to incorporate these tips in your life to maintain a healthy weight.

Regular physical activity:

Incorporating physical activity is very important for maintaining healthy body weight. People are now spending most of their time indoors. They sit all day at the office, play games on computers, use care to commute from one place to another even if it’s for a very short distance, Use lifts instead of going from stairs. The calories they consume don’t burn and hormonal activity in blood changes leading to an increase in appetite and hence they gain weight.

People who spent a whole day sitting gain weight easily. Fat level in the body increases with time.  Physical movement, work, walking, cycling, jogging, climbing stairs and household tasks all contribute towards performing physical activity. Reducing physical activity from your lifestyle leads to unstable insulin levels leading you to consume more and more food. Try to take some time out for yourself preferably 120 minutes a day and exercise. This will help you maintain your insulin levels and hence your weight.

Maintain a healthy Lifestyle:

According to the latest medical research getting enough sleep in a day helps reduce weight. People who suffer from insomnia tend to gain weight very easily. Having not enough sleep led to obesity in children by nearly 89% and 60% in adults.  When a person does not sleep enough, their body produces ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone released in the stomach that provides hunger signal in the brain. It a hormone that increases appetite. Its levels are high when you are empty stomach and low after you are full.

Less sleep also produces a hormone called Leptin in a lower quantity that suppresses the appetite. It is released from the fat cell of an individual. It signals to the brain that your stomach is now full. When you do not get enough sleep, your body starts making less leptin and more ghrelin increasing your appetite.

Drink Green tea:

Drinking a cup of green tea results in effective weight loss tip. Green tea is prepared from leaves of various plants like rosemary and cinnamon that helps to reduce weight. If you have a habit of drinking tea or coffee, regularly cut the dose and take green tea after meals instead.

Green tea is full of powerful antioxidants that help to clear your skin too and reduce body fat. A great benefit of green tea is that it has very very low caffeine amount. Green tea beverage or green tea extract supplements both helps reduce weight. Drink a cup of green tea with half a teaspoon of lemon juice for reducing weight naturally.

Galactomannan supplement:   

In case you fail to lose weight naturally or you cannot control your hunger pangs, you can try taking Galactomannan medicine. Fibre medicine has little or no side effects at all. When you intake this medicine it absorbs water present in your stomach and sits at the bottom of the stomach for several hours. When it sits in your stomach, you do not feel that you are hungry. It signals your brain as if your stomach is full helping you take very fewer calories for the day.

Cut back sugar:

A highly natural and effective way of losing weight naturally is to cut back sugar from your diet. White sugar that we add in our food is rich in fructose that is hard for our stomach to break down. Consuming too much sugar will increase your appetite level and hence increase weight.

Consuming food that is rich in added sugar and preservatives increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Since it becomes difficult for a liver to break sugar pieces. Cut down the amount of sugar intake for the day. Avoid eating bakery items. Check labels for added sugar or preservatives before buying items. Mostly consume a diet that is sugar-free or has natural sugar in it just like fruits and vegetables.

Eat Good Carbohydrates or less refined carbs:

Refines Carbohydrates such as sugar and grains loses their nutrition when they are cooked at high temperature. They lose their nutritional value and increase your blood sugar level making you feel more and more hungry.

Try to cut down your carbohydrate intake for the day. Avoid bread and other bakery items. Make sure you eat them with natural fibre. Keep fruits and vegetable in reach. Eat a handful of nuts if you feel hungry.

Count calories for the day:

If you want to get your body into shape naturally and quickly, you need to maintain healthy portion control. Consume a diet full of fibre, take lots of fruits and vegetables, and take low at dairy products, nuts grains and water.

Drink nearly eight glasses of water every day. Drinking adequate amount of water reduces body fat and lower blood insulin level. It helps the kidney to remove excess sodium out of your body.

Nowadays you can download certain apps in your cellphone that helps you track your calorie intake for the day. This is easy to use and provide you with diet and effective exercise tips to help you get back in shape quickly. Use apps to count calories you eat for the day. Some apps that help count calories are mainly My fitness pal, Fooducate, Lifesum, Lose it etc

Drink lots of water:

If you want to lose weight, you must drink a lot of fluids. Drink water especially before meals. People who consume water before food eat very less as compared to people who do not drink water. Drinking half a litre water before meals help eat few calories and hence reduce weight by nearly 44%. It helps boost the metabolism of an individual by 20 – 30%.

Eat more fibre, vegetable and fruits:

Consume more and more fibre for the day reduces body weight. Use viscous fibre or food containing excess fiber reduces the weight of an individual. Fruits and vegetable are full of fibre and water. This food helps you eat less for the day. Eat low carb veggies and fruits. Your carb intake should be 20 – 60% of your food intake for the day. Low carb veggies are broccoli, cauliflower, Spanish, kale, tomatoes etc

Eat more and more protein:

If you want to lose weight, you must eat a diet that is high in protein. Protein diet helps boost metabolism by 80 to 100%. You can get protein powder or shakes that will help you built muscles. Protein intake helps you increase muscle and reduce weight.

Protein sources include:

Fish and seafood - rich in omega 3, shrimps, fish, salmon good protein sources.

Meat – beef chicken lamb and mutton

Eggs. Whole eggs with the yolk.

Eat hard-boiled eggs in case you want to eat something extra.


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