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5 Top Australian Shoe Brand You Should Know


Shoes are made to give comfort feet. if you wear comfortable footwear you will walk with confidence. Footwear is used to save feet from enviromental adversities. I have researched and gathered some of the best brand for you. You can buy from these brands who suits your lifestyle best. Listed are five top Australian brands for you.



Clarks is best Australian shoe brand in Australia that prepare shoe for man, women and children. They started manufacturing shoes back in 1825 when their owners made slipper from sheep skin. The best quality of Clark is that it prepares shoes made of animal skin that is unique in design. They make design that are unique and decent.

At Clarks, you will find shoe expert that know how to make shoe as a work of Art. They have studies how feet wove at work and play and how it rests so they create each shoe piece as an artwork for you to wear easily. Their shoes are created in a way to help prevent odor and fungal growth.

Clark shoe style capture imagination and define a revolution of shoe style.  Clarks shoe are made of animal leather soft to touch. They don’t use color instead they use dye to color leather. They have a range of shoe named “Fresh step”. These shoe are created with a technology to keep your feet look fresh and clean, free from odor if you wear them with socks even for a very long time.

Clarks has a wide range of shoe that grow with your child feet. Children feet size and structure change very frequently. These shoe range come with a removable sole. When your child shoe size changes the shoe will adjust accordingly. These are the range of sports shoe named “Dual Fit Sport”.

We have gathered a wide range of coupons and promotions for you so that you can enjoy wearing the best brand in town at a much discounted price.

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Shoes & Sox

Shoes & Sox provides the best quality fitting shoes to the feet of all Australian children. They are the Australian number one food brand for kids. They have a wide range of school, sports and fashion shoes for your kids. They have stores across 71 cities in Australia. They manufacture and design specially fitted shoes for children. You child feet changes in size and shape as they grow. They go to great lengths and width to fit your child feet.

If you think the shoe don't fit your child properly you can get back to the store for a checkup within one month of making the purchase. This guarantee you won't find at any other shoe store. Their shoes are of very reasonable price so that you can afford them well. Their shops also have a wide variety of shoes from other designers placed in their shop. 

They have hired special kid fit consultants who have training and experience in kid’s feet and guarantee that the shoe will right fit your child feet. They provide initial training to all of their trainers to ensure every child get the best fit. They have have length and half fit sizes available for every child so that the shoe fit them correctly. They have designeres who know about the latest trend so that you can get the best fit in every design for your kid. 

You can buy the shoes online. In case you feel that the size you have ordered does not fit your kid you can always make a return for a refund or change it for a right shoe pair. In order to get it changes you must return the shoe in wearable condition and must not be worn out. You can even visit any outlet and make a return of your online purchase. Ask your child to walk on carpet, floors, down the stairs to see that the shoe perfectly match the angle.

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EMU Australia

EMU is an Australian shoe brand that manufacture shoe made of sheep skin. They prepare shoes for men, women and kids with latest technology available. They design, manufacture and market shoe brands all over Australia. They manufacture shoes with waterproof technology. Their waterproof technology helps you enjoy every weather.

Enjoy every weather wearing EMU shoes and make yourself comfortable. Your child can now enjoy every weather either rainy or snow wearing these shoes without having the risk of catching cold. They also manufacture shoes made of wool. Australia is known to produce best wool and people love to wear items made of wool there.  You can find shoes of Australian heritage collection at EMU Australia.

EMU has hired designers that are nature inspired guys. They love to design shoes according to the natural beauty of Australia. The designs of EMU shoes are mostly created as being inspired by nature. Australia is a place known to have many landscapes. It is a piece of natural beauty and the designers inspired by the natural beauty of Australia reflect it in their shoe designs.

At EMU Australia you will find shoes that are of very fine material and style. The style is trending and their material reflects their culture. The shoes are made of very fine quality so that you can walk with ease and enjoy walking easily wearing them. EMU place great emphasis on design and quality of shoe material. They create designs that are unique yet elegant. They take extra time to sourcing out the best quality item for your footwear so that your shoe last long.

 If you are looking for shoe that reflect Australian love of nature, its culture and yet elegant piece you should buy from EMU Australia.

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Hush Puppies

Hush puppies created an idea of shoe that is casual and relaxed to wear. They create shoes that are of casual designs. With a unique formula style, you can find comfort shoes at Hush puppies Australia. Enjoy your vacations and do adventures wearing these shoes.

At Hush puppies you will get your order as soon as possible. They have started the casual lifestyle revolution. They started manufacturing relaxed footwear that is of casual design and comfortable. Their shoes help make walking easier for people around the world. They are the market leaders of casual, athletic, work and outdoor footwear. They have a huge range of relaxed footwear collection.

Hush puppies manufacture shoes that are comfortable to give you the confidence of succeeding in life. They provide youngster comfortable yet trendy footwear so that they can enjoy life and have adventure in any season of the year.

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Dapper Lane

Dapper lane came into being with an idea to produce fine quality leather goods. They prepare high quality leather shoes for men. They prepare leather handbags and shoes of unique design that will reflect the lifestyle you want to live. They prepare shoes of various designs and style to match personality of every men.

They value old handcrafted designs made with fine quality improved leather. They have hired mastered European Handcrafters since they value old traditional designs. You can select the design and they will craft a copy of it for you.

Dapper lane has completely changed the way a man could carry his personality. They have designed various different shoe collection for men of all age. All their shoes are made of Australian leather that are handcrafted. They prepare leather soles that are considered luxurious and smart.  For wet weather and rainy season they manufacture Dainite sole simply because they are waterproof and water don’t get absorbed into them.

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You can now buy new shoes that are trendy yet affordable at one of the best brands in town. You can enjoy discounted shopping by getting updated coupons on our webiste that we have found and placed on our website for your easy. buy yourself some trendy styles this winter that matches your lifestyle and your wardrobe. 


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