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5 Top Australian Clothing Brand You Should Know

Clothing is something worn to cover body made up of wool, thread or animal fur. First animal fur, grass, bones, skin, and leaves were used by humans to cover their bodies. Dropped hanged or tied clothes were made at that time. Later humans invent sewing, weaving and stitching tools. Before stitching tools were made all clothes were sewn by hand. Tailors make them with their hands and later on when needles were invented hand made clothes industry closed. 

Since the sewing machine got invented clothing trends changed from time to time. The taste of the people varied generation after generation hence the clothing industry has been changed completely from what it was in the past. Like in 1950 halter swimsuits were famous and back in 2000 women printed clothing was trendy. In 1950 women wear summer clothes all year long with fitted waists and halter tops. 
Later the taste of the people changed. They started inventing different sewing machines and tools, fabric colors and designs for women in particular. 

The rising trend of wearing beautiful yet different clothes led to the enhancement of textile tools and designs. The design pattern varies from country to country. After research, I have gathered some of the best Australian clothing brands that have more to offer for you from time to time. 



Valleygirl is an Australian clothing brand that sells all the ladies trendy clothes along with beautiful accessories that will make your dress sparkle. They have dresses for day, night and workwear, summer and winter dresses. They have a huge range of female sunglasses to offer as well.

Valley girl is a clothing brand that is expanding day by day and is exclusively selling online. They have gathered most up to date fashion items from around the globe to one particular website. They use top quality material and combine it with the latest fashion designs to give women the look they deserve.

Valley girl gathers everything hot in girl fashion trends from all over the world to one particular website so that you can gain access to fashion trends globally while sitting in your room, at your ease.

Valley girl has become very famous among Australia since each week they bring you more than 65 unique styles from all over the world. These styles are a combination of decent formal clothing to gorgeous celebrity style, from to wear to home everyday wear.

Valley girl has certain principles that made it stand out of other clothing stores, some of them I have listed below.

•    No Forced labor

•    No child labor

•    No discrimination

•    Environmental awareness

•    Strict cybersecurity in place

•    Encrypted website.

Valley Girl Latest Offers


The Swank Store

Swank Store is a one-stop-shop for women all clothing needs. They have women tops, kaftans and accessories as well. They have all the items gathered designs from around the world. Swank store has more than 100 new prints every season. They have a huge range of silk dresses and kaftans that are changed every season. 

Inspired by the holiday season, designer of The Swank store design beautiful resort wear collections. At Swank store, you will find a range of collection that is made specifically for women next resort holiday designation. 

The swank store is a one-stop-shop for all your designer silk wear collection. You will feel and look good wearing their vibrant silk collection. All their dresses are best for your next beach wedding as well. 

What I like about this brand is that it has a wide range of beautiful kaftan designs that is hard to find at any other store. These designs are full of vibrant colors, wearing them will make you look attractive. They have the highest quality standards with the finest cloth material and selected colors. 

Kaftans are also available in plus sizes so that women of all sizes can enjoy wearing these beautiful pieces.

The Swank Store Latest Offers



Misha is a luxury fashion brand based in Melbourne Australia. It is a luxury brand design for modern women. During the year 2016, Misha made its reputation all the way to Mercedes fashion week and New York fashion week by providing the best quality luxury items to modern women. They have a wide range of products to offer from daily wear to occasional wear, jewelry, shoes, and luxury women collection. 

Misha has expanded itself globally by connection with major retail houses in the world. Now it exports its products to Europe, The United States, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. Misha has a wide variety of collections ranging from dresses to playsuits, tops to bottoms, evening dresses to formal wear and accessories.

The reason why I prefer Misha is that they have a huge range of fashion wear and for women with different body shapes. You can choose the piece according to your particular body shape and look cool wearing them. They have shoes to offer as well that matches with your outfit so that you do not have to search for the footwear separately. You can buy luxury as well as everyday normal wear both at this one-stop clothing brand.

Misha Latest Offers



Kivari is a one-stop fashion online shop that has dresses, skirts, shorts, accessories, jumpsuits and much more to offer online.  Kivari has boutiques in different countries all over the world. Kivari produces bohemian style clothing. The designer design various patterns and colors according to the custom and traditions of a particular country. 

The owner of Kivari, Kirstin, first started sketching designs for small leather bags and wallets while on a trip to Indonesia. It took five years for Kivari to turn into an international clothing brand. Her bohemian style pieces are now sold at more than 100 retail outlets globally.

What I like in particular about Kivari is that they have produced unique bohemian style clothing for women. They have completely changed the women's clothing styles. And their prints are very unique and colorful. Their dresses have cut that will flaunt your look. All their dresses are of a unique style that you can wear every day.

You can find a huge collection of office wear, trendy home clothes, flaunting evening dresses and wedding dresses all in one place.

Kivari Latest Offers


Belle Wholesale

Bellewholesale is the most famous B2B and B2C clothing brand operational for eight years. They sold women fashion clothes to brand, retails, individual buys and wholesalers from the fashion industry. 

They focus on women's clothing, accessories, and shoes. You will find all the quality for money dresses here. They sold their clothing to almost 200 countries around the world. 

Why I love Bellewholesale is that their prices are super low as compared to other clothing stores in America. The reason is that they connect with all the manufacturers directly. They deliver their products worldwide and save buyer handling and freight charges by consolidating the shipment process. 

Bellewholesale has a very beautiful party collection as well that is designed to flaunt your body and show the necessary curves. They have strict controls in place to check the quality of all the fabric they sell.

Belle Wholesale Latest Offers


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