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11 Ways to be Productive this year

Productivity is a measure of how much work is done in a particular segment of time. Productivity is directly related to managing your time well. Good time management skills are required to be productive. Everyone wants to be productive nowadays. No matter where they work or what they do, they all want to be productive in life. Being productive is very challenging nowadays. Focusing on an important task and eliminating distractions is very difficult in the technology area. Successful are the people who can manage to save time doing productive tasks and eliminate procrastination from their life. In order to be successful in life, you need to stay on the task at hand, avoid distraction, limit the use of social media and complete all your tasks in time. 

Divide to – do tasks in chunks: 
The best way to manage productivity is to divide your tasks into smaller bits. Once you manage to complete smaller bits of a big task you will feel motivated. Hence, it will be easier for you to complete the major task at hand. Smaller bits are easy to manage and completing them first saves a lot of time and avoid stress. If you divide larger tasks into smaller ones it will help you overcome procrastination as well. Doing a bit of a task is easier as it increases motivation. Create a timeline for yourself and roughly calculate the timeline required to complete the task. Once you create a deadline for your task completion it will help you remain focused and complete it on time. 

Take frequent breaks:
Taking frequent breaks while doing something important is the key to productivity. Doing tasks in chunks and giving your brain a break is necessary. Taking frequent breaks while you work even for fifteen minutes it's ok. It relaxes the mind to a greater extent. Taking 10 minutes break to stretch, relax the mind or meditate every 30 minutes improves productivity and concentration. Ideally, take 30 minutes break between switching tasks. Doing a little stretching or taking a deep breath and then returning to work will never let you get tired easily.

Use morning to do special tasks:
Scientist suggests that mind work best during morning time. When you wake up with a fresh mind it is possible to do challenging tasks at first. All of the difficult and challenging tasks should be completed early morning. Within an hour of waking up, our energy levels start boosting. Plan all the important tasks at night that you have to do early morning. Select the most important ones and start them immediately as you finished with your morning essentials (prayers breakfast and exercise etc). Wake our in the morning our mind is fresh after long resting hours hence we can focus more on that time. 

Create a detailed business system: 
Create a very methodical, logical, disciplines and focused system for task completion. A detailed system allows you to work methodologically doing important tasks in hand and moving forward completing all the tanks in your list for a day.  You can use spreadsheets or any other software to track task completion and plan your work according to the deadline. Allocate your time properly to the tasks at hand. You can take help from many free task management software and track your progress as you go forward. 

Do not multitask:
People think that multitasking is linked to increased productivity. Doing six-seven tasks all at once is not good. Focus on a single task at a time. Research has shown that multitasking led to increased stress levels and mood swings. It has an adverse effect on motivation level and productivity. Our mind can only focus on one task at a time and by multitasking, we deliberately avoid attention to the other tasks we are doing at the very moment. The more you multitask the more mistakes you will make. Correcting mistakes takes more time. If you do a single task at a time your mind will remain focused on that particular task and it will save you time as well. 

Walk and exercise according to plan:
Take out some time from your busy schedule for walk and exercise as well. Exercise improves our mind and reduces stress levels. Doing 15 minutes of yoga increase productivity. When you want to stay focused you head for coffee, but there is another way to do it without increasing your caffeine level and that is by walking and exercising according to plan. Take 60 minutes per day from your busy schedule for exercise and walk. Morning walk is important to increase immunity levels. Walking and exercise improve mood level. 

Method for delegation and follow-up: 
Create a method of delegation and follow-up. All of the important tasks should be performed by you. The delegation will help you clutter your mind and only do important tasks. It will help you focus on important tasks. Keep a strong follow-up schedule and check all the tasks that are pending at present. Delegation with a strong follow-up schedule will keep your mind focused on important tasks only. You can do a more productive task by saving time by delegating less important tasks to others. 

Group similar tasks:
Grouping similar tasks together are known as batching. Grouping similar tasks together save a lot of time and energy. Group all the similar items together and do them all together. We all come across many task daily that is of similar nature and can be grouped together. You can even batch things according to the output level. Think as well as work in groups. If you work in a group you will get better ideas and you can delegate tasks in a better way. Working in a group increases productivity and helps to complete tasks in a faster way. 

Use productivity apps:
Managing workload is very much possible with productivity apps. Most of them are available free of cost but they are made to help you complete your time effectively and meet your deadline. Using productivity apps will help you manage your workload effectively and do your work on time. Productivity apps are mad to help you complete your tasks bit by bit. They have the ability to share tasks as well and keep a note of all the tasks in a well-maintained list. Using the app for making a to-do list or jotting your tasks is easy since you can use your phone everywhere and all the time. 

Get better at saying no:
What the majority of us are afraid to say is “no” to anyone. Try to remove your fear of rejection as it kills productivity. We all need to live our life for yourself and enjoy it in a better way. Saying yes to everyone make us tired and we stop focusing on our tasks.  Stop pleasing everyone and make it your habit to say no to less important tasks.  Do not waste your time on other people priorities. Learn to identify what is important for you and say no to the tasks that are not related to you.            

Manage energy:
Managing the energy level at an optimum level is necessary. If you work below your energy level you will start avoiding challenges. If you get bored easily with your work your energy level will decrease automatically.  If you manage your energy level every day it will help you increase your productivity level. Small steps of confidence will help you gain energy. Improve your energy levels by eating or taking a nap.


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